Best Running shoe below 500 Rupees

Extremely happy to share my experience of recent buy –  budget running shoe , “Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh Kids Shoes” by Asian shoes . It is perfect for budget customers.  First thing to mention is the price.  Super cool item for less than 500 Rupees.  I was hesitant to order this because of the low price, still took a chance and ordered it. Got it delivered from amazon on second day.  Hope it will be delivered to metro cities on next day.   Amazon was providing free return option. The package was good.  First thing impressed me was the colour.  It was looking exactly like the photo and made of good synthetic materiel.

Running shoe below 500 rupees

walking shoe below 500 rupees

Upon trying for the first time, felt soft and lite weight, I tried this shoe next day for running, I was having good time with brand new Asian shoes, Shoe was offering enough ventilation (airflow) Also soft enough for speed running. I was aiming 160 +bpm on my tracker.  Overall felt happy with the low cost shoe.  felt more happy for nice quality from local Indian product.Felt thankful to the friend who  suggested “Wonder-13 Grey Firozi Mesh by Asian shoes” to me.

Now i am completing 2 months since i purchased this item, With my moderate usage of 1-2 hours a day for 5-6 days a week. I don’t feel any problem with the shoe.  I am able to wash the shoe 2-3 times with in this period.  Few things i done was,  gave shoe enough air-time after every usage,  Dried it in sunlight whenever i got it soaked in water or mud after cleaning.   This shoe is ideal for jogging, Running, Gym workouts,  I didn’t try it for any other sport yet.  Sole of shoe is feeling good even after 2 months of usage.  I suggest this product to everyone who is looking for some quality below 500 rupees.


1. Great buy for below 500 rupees, Clear leader among all other 500-600 Rupee running shoes.

2. Pleasant colour quality metrical and Indian made.

3.Soft and comfortable, good air cerculation.

4. Look solid even after 2 months of moderate usage.

5. Amazon free return option available.


  1. its small size so opt next size than what you need.
  2. Sole is of single colour or single materiel, could have been better, if it was multi-colour
  3. Need more colours of it, as of now only one colour available
  4. A friend who plays cricket (using 3-4 hours)  complained of pain in heal, so someone using for long time, i suggest something better.

workout shoe

All together if you are looking for Running shoes/Jogging shoe /workout shoe, This one won’t cause much trouble to your knees and your pocket.   I don’t feel, it will be good to compare this product with other shoes which costs 2000 rupees and more as they are clearly from other segment.  From the options available below 500 rupees, this one reserves its place on top for sure.

You can buy the product here.


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