GOQii Heart Care Tracker review after one year

I have been using goqii band from 2016 December,Initially joined for 3 month subscription with band, At that time heart rate sensing was not available,  Immediately after i purchased, goqii launched  Goqii heart care tracker in January-February 2017. I felt pissed off. I got an offer to upgrade my band to heart care tracker as my subscription ended in April. So i bought GOQii Heart Care Tracker with 1 year of subscription.  Subscription is the unique feature for Goqii unlike other bands like Mi band. Each user will have a personal trainer who will monitor our daily steps and will call us in every 2 weeks as we schedule call. He/she will give us list of things , considering our targets and test results. will set us daily targets, step counts, workout time etc. I felt this as an advantage as i was getting busier often.

Lets see what screens shown in the band on taping it.

  1. It shows time in the home screen
  2. It shows steps count
  3.  Shoes heart beat per minute
  4. Distance travelled
  5. Karma points earned (virtual points earned corresponding to the step count)


After workout, we need to sync the band with the mobile app. Then the counts will be updated in the app. This way the personal trainer will be able to monitor our activity.

The band also monitor sleep time, sleep quality if we wear it while sleeping.  I am very much impressed with this measurements. Also it will be in our log for future reference.

Usage of GOQii Heart Care Tracker after expiring the subscription:

I don’t find much issues after subscription ended. band is working as before. Only thing missing is the motivation from trainer. It is still tracking my steps and sleep, also heart beats. I love the device. It defenitly can use more than 1 year for sure. The price was also reasonable .Right now 3 months and 12 months subscription available in amazon.in.

You will get special amazon deals if you are lucky, Some days it goes to as low as 50%. Right now the GOQii Heart Care Tracker with 3 Months Personal Coaching Available for 1999 Rupees, and 12 months of Subscription for 3999 Rupees.


About the Subscription/ Personal training,

Please don’t expect more from it, We will get someone to remind us and motivate and also to plan next 2 weeks of workout. He/she will answer our questions and also give us some food alternates. I have worked with 3 trainers in 1 year and all over them were good. We will get a call in every 2 weeks which we can schedule. it is clearly a special feeling when you are running out doors in your Adidas running shoes and check how your heart rate changes as you speed up.

For subscribers will get help of goqii doctor/physician. We can schedule call from doctor if needed(other than the personal trainer) We can upload our test results and get advice from them. I personally had some great finding form the doctor for my back pain, as he suggested for vitamin D test. In my opinion, every money spent on this product is worth, as in this busy word, we get someone to remind us and schedule workouts for this price. Definitely this money will come back to you in the form of good health.

Recently Goqii have started  a store on app, from where we can buy items. Also goqii social media platform where we can see other users and their activities. karma points is another good thing, where our daily step count will be covered to points and this points we can contribute for good cause. I can also see company putting extra effort to make the device work perfectly. In initial days the tracker used to count steps if we travel in bus. later with a firmware update they fixed it. Goqii have infinite upside , Just by adding challenge option among public and inside closed circles. Wish Goqii and the readers best wishes for a healthy future. Oh yes! Definitely going to renew my subscription shortly. Please find the best running shoes in other section. Please reply with your questions and feedback.



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