Thank you all for visiting best running shoes website, I am Shibin, a fitness freak for years and which made me think about a platform where i can share my experience with all. A place where i can share my daily routines and my life experiences which made me like this. I was an average guy for years. May be for first 30 years of my life. Some life events changed my life and it happened over me to concentrate hard on the fitness mantra. As i get close to fitness, i got addicted to it. Which changed me completely, My personal life, My career, my relationships, My decisions, My quality of life, My standards, My tolerance, my target, my destiny… Everything got changed to next level .

first time over 30 years had the feeling that ” i am alive”. Here i am for a purpose. Let me accomplish it fast and enjoy the juice of it, at the earliest.

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I am a 34 year old man with a small team behind me, Personally an IT professional. But equally interested in Fitness mantras, Photography and travelling. I hail from south side of India. look forward to explore new things everyday. Lets be in touch and contribute to each other. Lets get started. Thank you.